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We want the world to enjoy great Australian and New Zealand wine.

So we have been making the wine export and logistics process as smooth as possible for almost 30 years.

Some of our amazing partners

Hence, began Sydney Boutique Wine – a love of quality wine to share with friends.

Sydney Boutique Wine expanded into New Zealand, acquiring some delicious wines – many with a story that enticed and attracted the Japanese and other foreign markets.

The company’s new generation is led by Annabelle Cohen, who keeps on successfully establishing long-term relationships with both suppliers and clients, adding to a portfolio of some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s highly regarded wineries.

Let's work together
SINCE 1985

We are a family-owned export and logistics company based in Australia

Sydney Boutique Wine was established in the mid 1980s, when two cousins who enjoyed a good drop decided to share wine amongst friends across the world. One cousin resided in Japan and would often visit family in Australia, always returning with a selection of hand-picked wines. These wines sparked interest with local Japanese friends and soon enough, a few bottles turned into full containers of quality Australian wine heading to Japan. Village Cellars was born, now one of Japan’s most established wine distributor companies.

The other cousin, who was based in Sydney, coordinated the export and facilitated the loading sourced boutique Australian wines, that not only customers would enjoy but also himself!

How it works

Ordering process

Sydney Boutique Wine handles the export requirements from beginning to end. We consolidate wines ensuring the goods arrive on time and safe to your required destination. A simple and stress-free ordering process.


Sourcing wines

As a customer, you set parameters of wine requirements, and Sydney Boutique Wine will source and short list a range of quality Australian and New Zealand wines.


Packing and freight

Sydney Boutique Wine has long-term partnerships with global freight companies, ensuring safe and professional delivery of goods to the end customer.


"Yering Station and Mount Langi Ghiran have been very fortunate to be distributed in Japan by SBW for the past 13 years. Richard and Yoshiko have been a delight to work with and have opened up many opportunities in Tokyo and across Japan for our wines due to their strong, trusted, long-term relationships with the trade."

Gordon GebbieRathbone Wine Group

"Sydney Boutique Wine has consistently provided professional and trustworthy service to Leeuwin Estate since exporting our wines to Japan in 1992. We value their honesty, professionalism and approachable nature as a small family owned business and are proud to supply our wines to SBW."

Simone FurlongLeeuwin Estate

"d’Arenberg has worked with Sydney Boutique Wine for over 20 years. It’s always a pleasure dealing with the team at SBW another family owned business, the service, logistical support and communication is second to none!"

Philip Jeffriesd’Arenberg

We consolidate boutique and quality wines into containers for export.

We work in between wine suppliers and distributors based overseas to gather all information and export documentation from the wineries, adjusting any details required.

Our process is stress-free and ensures products arrive safely and on time on the destination.

Let's work together

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does a wine export and logistics company do?

Sydney Boutique Wine is a licensed export of Australian and New Zealand wines. We consolidate boutique and quality wines into containers for export.

What is the general order size?

Our exports are nearly always by a fully laden sea container. This offers significant freight savings to our importer and reduces the need for extra layers on top of export costs. Our containers are insulated and accompanied by a temperature logger.

SBW is experienced with air freight of smaller parcels of wine where wines are urgently needed to honour supplies to end customers.

What export documentation is required?

Sydney Boutique Wine will organise all documentation required for exports including securing the export permit.

A laboratory approved Certificate of Analysis is required for wine to be exported from Australia. Depending on the export market, other documentation including statement of additives and tasting notes are supplied and organised by SBW.

How does SBW choose the wine suppliers?

The SBW database is a collection of hand picked wineries chosen for the quality and value. SBW was the first exporter for some of our original suppliers and that relationship continues today. We are a family run business and value the story and traditions behind wineries.

What is our relationship with Village Cellars in Japan?

Our partner in Japan, Village Cellars is a well-established wine distribution business. Their sales team covers the entire country and they have access to some of the best and most knowledgeable wine sommeliers in Japan. Village Cellars engages with Australian and New Zealand wineries via Sydney Boutique Wine to ensure appropriate marketing and sales strategies.

Where to next?

We are able to pass on our experience to importers in other countries who would like us to consolidate their wine purchases in Australia or in New Zealand  rather than have the individual  wine makers arrange transport in partly loaded containers which is more expensive.

Get in Contact

Get in contact with our team via phone, email or by sending a message below. We would love to hear from you and know how we can help you with your export and logistics questions.